10+ daily expense management tools to check in 2023

Swadesh Behera
Jul 16, 2021, 07:00 PM

Hotel Management System Pro

Hotel Management System Pro This system has collected majority what hotel has needs to work and to manage the owner the activity inside in the hotel in it’s position whether it’s financial section, the room management and the reporting system to know work flow of the job. Features About this Application This application has Features that are:- Cool and Simplified Admin Dashboard Guest Registration Guest Bookin and Checkin Room Invoice Payment for Customers if they are not full paid the Bill Daily Expense Management and displaying each day expense on the Dashboard Graph Knowing the Available Rooms in your Hotel User Login and Permission Management if you allow multi User on this application Backup Data

Billing Software for ISP - Internet Service Providers

ISP Software Solution is to manage all services of ISP providers. Every ISP Owner/Manager knows that it’s very difficult to manage daily operations, monthly Billing but the ISP Solution is Very Affordable, Convenient & Flexible to manage everything to execute a ISP services easily. Web based ISP Billing System for Internet Service Providers. • Client Management • Package Management • Invoice Management • Payment Management • Expense Management • User Management • All Necessary Reports Demo URL : http://isp.asteckh.com/Logins.aspx UserName : admin Password : abc123$ A) Installation guide 1 – Download project Zip file from codecanyon.net and Extract zip file in your local directory. 2 – Find the db_script file in document

Income & Expense tracker - iOS App Source Code

Money- income & expense tracker Money is a basic income & expense tracker, a budget manager focused on simplicity. The app helps users record their daily transactions and review their financial data daily, weekly, and monthly. Adding transactions is extremely fast and fun because of the excellent animations. The app is focused on privacy. It stores the data safely in Apple servers using iCloud and it offers secure access using technologies like Keychain, Face ID and Touch ID provided by the system (iOS/iPadOS). Unlike many other financial apps, the app doesn’t require account creation. The user “account” is the Apple ID that’s already signed into the device. Key features NEW iOS 14 configurable widget: Financial Insights. NEW

myShop - Installment and Due Sell Supported Powerful Shop Management System

Ask any question on WhatsApp : +8801571118839 myShop is Powerful and Complete Solution for Any kind of Shop Management. It’s have most powerful store management system. The product will be stored with companies category wise. Admin can easily manage products like (Create, Edit & Update). Admin can sell multiple products at a time and also include powerful invoice management. Here also included Installment Sell System, Installment Repayment, Installment Notification, Due Sell System, Due Repayment, Due Repayment Notification system. Every transaction is shown at the transaction log panel. It’s automatic calculate your Daily Expense, Total Deposit and Total Withdrawn from your shop. You can

Shop Management System

Ask any question on WhatsApp : +8801571118839 simpleShop is Powerful and Complete Solution for any kind of Shop Management. This script we Include most Powerful Product Sell System, Admin can sell multiple product at a time with On Paid or Due Paid he/she also can edit sell product rate in sell time. Here we added Daily, Monthly and Yearly basic Sell Invoice, Total Sell, Total Due and Total Profit Statistic. Admin can store product with category wise and easily can manage his store. This script have a powerful account section every transaction like Sell, Deposit, Expense, Withdraw under this section so that Admin account will be 100% secure and meaningful. Admin can easily manage product provider Companie

Restaurent Management System

This is the restaurant management System for fast foods gallery and Hotels Describe Below:- 1. Categories of foods 2.Sub Categories of foods 3. Tables Details 4. Suppliers or Vendors 5.Product(Menus Details) 6. Sales or Invoice Details 7. Purchase 8. Invoices 9. Token System 10. Expenses Record of the restaurant 11. Borrow purchase record 12. Borrow sales Record 13.Complete Banking Record (Having Account for restaurant daily withdraw and deposit record) 14.Workers Record 15. Salaries Record 16. Permanent Customer Record 17. Accounts details 18.change your logo and background option 19.Worker Attendance 20. Today reports a. cashback reports b. Today Sale Reports c. Today Purchase Reports d. Expense R


DayBook is simple, intuitive, stable app. It is an application designed to maintain income and expenses, Movements of money are recorded. This applications helps to have a better control over your money. Just add new transactions when you are buying anything or earn to someone. It’s done in one click, because you need to fill the expense or income amount, payee or payer details. We can see recorded details month-wise in History, Also, we can generate monthly, yearly and category wise summary report. You can also delete incorrect record. To get new modified GUI app with many more new functions contact me at: [email protected] Demo URL : https://tiny.cc/ExpenseManager

Income & Expenses Tracker and 3 Different Calculators - Admob | Admob & Firebase Storage

Income & Expenses Tracker app helps you to track your financial activity efficiently. Its simple design makes it lightweight, straightforward and very easy to use. It’s done in one click, because you don’t need to fill anything except the amount. You need just a few SECONDS daily to save the amount and each spending purpose. No matter where you are just a couple of taps will save your expense. This app also help you to calculate different type of finance calculations at your fingertips. This app has different calculation such as FD calculator, SIP calculator and RD calculators.   Feature  of Income & Expenses Tracker and 3 Different Calculators – Admob  | Admob & Firebase Storage and Push Notifications :- -> Financial reports

Puku CRM - Realtime Open Source CRM

Puku CRM – Realtime Open Source CRM Puku CRM is an online based Customer Relationship Management software that is perfectly fit for any kind of business, company, freelancers or any business related uses. Puku CRM created with modern design that works on any devices. Customers are the main features in CRM. Puku CRM focus on Customers and Leads Tracking. It start with the leads. Convert leads to a customer. Connect customer with sales. And sales related with stock. Finally it output daily, monthly and yearly business report. Brings the net earnings after tax. Employees can create leads and updates for leads. Change lead status and process everything for a fresh new lead to converting a lead to a customer. Admin can monitor eve

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