10+ food delivery apps and UI 2023

Swadesh Behera
Aug 04, 2021, 07:00 PM

food delivery - Multiple Restaurants food Delivery Flutter App Mealup

Update Released With Wallet, Thermal Printer Modules. Only $59 for first 90 sales | Complete Food Delivery Marketplace in Flutter 22-July-2021 Admin Panel Fixes : Added Option For Data Delete BULK PRODUCT Upload Feature Added User App Fixes: Removed Here map due to version issue and added Google Map Cart Calculation Fixed Language Issue Fixed Share Button Fixed - Wallet System Improved - Null safety Feature Added - Improved safety Feature Added - Solved all warning from user app - Add Arabic language to app - Business Availability Feature Added - Change / Forgot Password Improved - Home page design issue solve - Add alert dialog at logout

WooCommerce Food - Restaurant Menu & Food ordering

#1 Best selling Food ordering WordPress plugin Latest Version 2.7 – 02 August 2021 New update! view changelog Compatible with WordPress 4.9 / 5.7 Our Customer’s Sites Showcases: View Details New! Add tip/donation on checkout New! Show hide Extra option by conditional logic: View Demo New! Min max quantity: View Demo New! Shipping by postal, zip codes: View Demo New! Extra option by variation: View Demo New! Menu by date and times: View Demo New! Popup opening and closing time info: View Demo New! filter with icon: View Demo Ver 1.4 – Add global option and more 2 Extra Options: text and text area and add popup opening and closing time info Ver 1.3 – Add Food with Extra Options If you own a restaurant, caf

WP Food - Restaurant Menu & Food ordering

Latest Version 2.6 New update! – 02 February 2021 view changelog Compatible with WordPress 4.9 / 5.3+ Ver 2.0 – Add user dashboard View Demo Ver 2.0 – Add Order type: Order and wait delivery or Order and carryout MAKE FOOD ORDERING EASY WITH WP FOOD The best restaurant menu and food ordering plugin If you own a restaurant, café or food service business, WP Food is a must-have plugin. Designed to make ordering menu items seamless and hassle-free, WP Food is the simplest way for your business to display food items and for your customers to order. With the intelligent WP Food plugin, you can manage everything from showcasing your menu to receiving and processing orders all from one handy place. For your customers this means a straig

Food Delivery Mobile App React Native - Multi Restaurants - Food Hunter

Version: 1.0.2 – Docs Last update: 7 Jul 2021 Files Included: Full React Native Source code of Food Hunter – Food delivery – Multiple Restaurants This is an Exclusive Product License from Envato. Demo Food delivery admin panel Food Hunter App – the mobile application for Food Hunter Multiple Restaurant System – SAAS multi restaurants and delivery services food ordering. Built with React Native and Firebase. This app can run on Android and iOS. Food delivery app has the ability to view the catalog of restaurants and food and place orders. This solution is ideal for anyone who wants to start a food delivery app business. Features FIND AND SELECT RESTAURANT Сlient can discover new and nearby places to eat FIND AND SE

Food Star - Mobile React Native Food Delivery Template

Make your own Food Delivery App today with Food Star Food Star is a modern, well-crafted Food Delivery React Native App Template that can help you create a next hit app in Food Delivery industry. All components in this template are built with modern React Hooks and TypeScript, we don’t use any UI Framework like Native Base, React Native Elements,... to make sure that the performance is stunning and you can easily customize them for your business. Food Star is now running on React 17, React Native 0.64 and Expo SDK 41.0.1 and we’re always making changes and improvements to it in the future. What’s New # Update v1.0.61 - (July 19, 2021) - Upgrade Android Gradle to 6.9 and Gradle plugin to 4.2.1 for react-native-cli project

Food Delivery + DSKit

Food Delivery + iOS App Design System Kit A design system for iOS 13.0 + written in Swift with a collection of reusable components, guided by clear standards, that can be assembled together to build any number of applications. View all Food Delivery screens What will you get? Over 30 screens DSKit compiled frameworks Ready to use template code for Food Delivery app Swift 5+, iOS 13+, UIKit, Xcode Clean & Minimal Design Fully and easily customizable colors, spaces, layout Light / Dark modes Regular updates Full support Food Delivery + iOS App Design System Kit does not provide Sketch, PSD, Figma, or other UI/UX editor files. DSKit provides only ready-to-use code, written in swift with DSKit framework, all the

WhatsApp Food - SaaS WhatsApp Ordering

- Version: 2.5.3- Changelog – Docs - Last update: 09 Jul 2021 - Files Included: Full Laravel Source code of WhatsApp Food – SaaS WhatsApp - This is Exclusive Product License from Envato - Installation video here - Update video here Leverage WhatsApp as platform to accept orders. Create a digital menu for your Restaurant or Bar. Share with your clients and let them order via Mobile In the era of covid, restaurants need modern and clean solutions for their traditional way of working. Being closer to their customer is a game-changer. With this tool, they can create both a digital menu and the QR for it. Next, the customer goes to the menu, makes the order, and sends the order on WhatsApp. Demo Frontend: https:

Food Cart - Online Food Delivery App

Food Cart is a food delivery android application. It helps you to find and order delicious food. You can customize this android code for your own need easily. Code is fully optimized and well structured. It has backend support. Food Cart– Restaurant and Food Delivery App is a mobile application that helps in simplifying the process of restaurant management. Right from conveying the customer’s order to partners until the order delivery, it streamlines the entire process of ordering food in a very effective way. It lets the restaurateurs and their partners showcase their service and menu to a broader customer base and also provides them the ease of managing their business to achieve maximum growth. Admin Panel LinkClick Here us

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