Best Covid-19 Plugins, Codes & Scripts 2020

Swadesh Behera
May 01, 2020, 02:23 PM

Covid-19 Live Tracker

The full form of Covid-19 is Co stands for Corona, VI stands for Virus and D for diseases. Corona virus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is defined as illness caused by a novel corona virus now called severe acute respiratory syndrome corona virus 2 (SARS-CoV-2; formerly called 2019-nCoV). It is becoming dangerous day by day over the world. Everyday people all over the world try to know accurate result of illness to be aware. So, by using this website user can get up to date reports over the world about Covid-19. Covid-19 Live Tracker is built using procedural PHP and design using HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript and jQuery. All data are updated which are comes from API. No need to do anything to get reports. Features of this script: Single page

COVID-19 Live Stats WordPress

Live statistics tracking the number of confirmed cases, recovered and deaths by country or global due to the COVID-19. The plugin provided multiple shortcodes to display Live Statistics, you can use the shortcode in posts, pages and widgets… Latest version: 2.1.2 – release date: 04/23/2020 Fixed the issue data 0 0 0 0, please see the change logs Features Real-time update the number of confirmed cases, recovered and deaths Chart, Line, Map, List, Card, Table data Shortcode flexible, allow display everywhere in your site Filter data by continents ,countries and globals Flexible customize label, title Optimized speed Multiple styles Responsive mobile Dark mode Auto updates the data every 10 minutes NEW: Tracking data per province in coun

CoronaVirus Disease (COVID-19)

CoronaVirus Disease (COVID-19) is a mobile content system which run under Android platform that used for your own real time statistics and news of the sickness. You can publish any kind of news like: video, streamin format like m3u8, TV channel, youtube, vimeo, direct video url, voice, text and images. Also you can add hospital and drug store with their location on Google Map who provide equipment for dealing with the disease. This app supports from Android 4.2 and higher. With powerful and Responsive Admin Panel can manage unlimited users, news, video, categories and sub categories. This application created by Android Studio for client side and then PHP MySQLi (Codeigniter) for Admin side. Run under Android platform which is the most popu

COVID-19 Coronavirus — Live Maps & Widgets for WordPress

As COVID-19 (coronavirus) spreads across the globe, it is helpful and interesting to track the transmission patterns through a coronavirus map. The plugin allows adding statistics table/widgets via shortcode to inform your site visitors about changes in the situation about Coronavirus pandemic. Requirements Website with https (SSL certificate)WordPress 4.6.x or abovePHP 7.0+Available WP-cron (enabled by default) Carefully review the demo site and the support section before buying. Thanks. Roadmap May’20−Dec’20 • Minor Updates Mar’20−April’20 • RTL; widgets: Map of Countries, Map of the USA, List of Countries, Table of Countries, Inline Text, D

Coronar – COVID-19 Informer for WordPress

The Coronar is a WordPress plugin designed for the COVID-19 tracking. Now the world is fighting an outbreak of the virus, and all people want up-to-date data on this epidemic in order to protect themselves and be on the alert. The plugin provides the display of total/new confirmed cases of infection, data on recovery and death for all countries. There are different types of data available for display: New Confirmed, Total Confirmed, New Deaths, Total Deaths, New Recovered, Total Recovered. All information can be presented in the form of a table or cards. Each table column can be sorted in ascending and descending order. Besides, the search field for all data is available.

Covid-19 Coronavirus Live Map & Elements for Elementor

COVID-19 Coronavirus Live Map & Elements for Elementor is created for general information and raises awareness of (2019-nCoV) only. We hope you find the information presented on this plugin useful. All the information based on WHO, NHS, and CDC websites. Information on our website is meant for awareness. Features: Coronavirus Map: The map is receiving information from CDN every 10 minutes and running on the backend while refreshing data. COVID-19 Charts: Instructional chart with many options. You can customize anything easily without coding knowledge. The chart data refreshing every day automatically. COVID-19 Datatable: The datatable refreshes all data automatically by using same system with the map. COVID-19 Styles: All colors

COVID-19 Ultimate - WordPress Corona Virus Widgets

COVID-19 Ultimate 2.1.1 is a WordPress plugin for displaying relevant Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) data. This is an infectious disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the 2019–20 coronavirus outbreak a pandemic. Is very important to share real information about it. Region Custom Page – NEW Now is available a customizable page for displaying content for each region. It’s generated automatic for every country, you just need to add widgets/shortcode to a template page! World Stats United States Stats Italy Stats Spain Stats Video News – NEW Share vi

Covid-19 Live Updates Plugin

Covid-19 Plugin Live Updates can show all information via short code in your website, you need to put short code in your widgets, pages, posts, products. Also it is compatible with WP bakery & visual composer. Popular ShortCodes Need to Know For Global Figure [Covid-19-Global] For All Countries (In DataTables) [Covid-19-Countries] USA & Its States

Pure Bootstrap COVID-19 Live Dashboard (Coronavirus Tracker)

Live Coronavirus Dashboard with statistics, map, chart, table, cards and search for covering and tracking the global COVID-19 pandemic. Pure Bootstrap 4, fully responsive, speed optimized with easy-translate. Data Source: displaying latest information with coronavirus updates from around the world, using live data from the Coronavirus API. Coronavirus Update. Live coronavirus updates and statistics with historical data, map, chart, graph. Coronavirus (COVID-19) live updates and historical data including Day, Week, Month, Year, Change per Day, Difference, Summary. Total Cases, Active, Deaths, Recovered, Tested and Critical. World Regions by Country. Corona virus live updates wia COVID-19 API.

Virus Vaccine Coronavirus Covid-19

Color matching game. Made in Construct 2. Enjoy the games! HTML5 Mobile Optimized; Mobile App Optimized, Monaca and other export platform (Cordova to IOS or Android); Mobile Support Ads; Mobile Support Game Center and GooglePlayGames Services Mobile Support InApps Purchases – Remove Ads Button, Unlock All Characters; Share Button; Touch & Mouse and keyboard Controls – works on all browsers and all mobile devices All platforms Support (Mobile, PC, etc.); Online Support 24/7; Included HTML5 Files and Source Files for Export to IOS & Android; Cool Simple Gameplay and No Programming Knowledge Needed High Resolution: Full HD – 1920×1080px; Easy to Reskin, Add Content, Change Source; Including Constuct 2 files (.capx, all

Covid-19 Corona Flutter App

          Covid -19 Corona Flutter App Live Update Covid -19 is a Corona screening tool developed in flutter.User can easily screen whether they are in risk or not .Also user will be able to get live statistics from WHO and live news update from WHO. In one app user can get everything. Also they will get tips and notifications. Works on Smartphones and Tablets on iOS and Android. Material Design No login required, Latest updates on COVID-19. Support firebase database Push notifications Realtime statistic and news of sickness Real-time Coronavirus related news User can check whether they are affected or not by clicking Start Screening button. Us

CoronaTracker - SEO Ready COVID-19 Tracker (+API)

CoronaTracker CoronaTracker is a simple, SEO ready coronavirus stats tracker. Each country has it’s own page with stats & tips on how to prevent the spread of Coronavirus from the World health organization. Features Beautiful design Adsense ready Single country pages & trackers Developer API Instant Search & Filtering/Sorting Covid-19 tips/information JSON Cache Data from

COVID-19 Live Statistics Card, Map, Table & Chart

Updated automatically every 10 minutes. ** New Feature : Country maps with states/regions *** Don’t forget to enter purchase code in plugin settings page for regular updates with new features before they are uploaded to CodeCanyon Downloads Display confirmed , deaths and recovered case statistics for COVID-19 (Coronavirus 2019, Covid19, nCoV) in your WordPress website. Keep the visitor informed about the pandemic. Display as Data Card with or without pie chart. Display in Chart Display statistics in map. Display as data table with sortable columns. Display as Timeline (NEW) Display by country, province or worldwide. Easy integration with shortcodes. Interactive shortcode generator to

Corona Stats - COVID-19 Coronavirus Live Stats & Widgets for WordPress

Corona Stats – COVID-19 Coronavirus Live Stats & Widgets for WordPress Corona Stats is a WordPress Plugin, which is used to display Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak live updates in WordPress website. You can simply use in page/posts/widgets section with simple shortcode. Using this plugin you can display world or specific country data. It’s allow you to present Total Infected, Deaths, Recovered, Active Cases, Critical Cases in WordPress. We have a shortcode generator page, which allows you to generate shortcode as per your need and you can see live preview when you generate. This plugin mainly provide you 3 different shortcodes and 3 widget sets (Classic, Modern, Table List) to display coronavirus live data. You can set/update your

TheCorona - Coronavirus (Covid 19) Medical Prevention Script

Overview TheCorona is a coronavirus (covid 19) related medical prevention and awareness website content management system (CMS). This is built completely with PHP and MySQL. This CMS can be used for medical, hospital, clinic, doctor, government, volunteer organization etc. who try to help people to protect from the World Wide Corona Virus problem. The outbreak and countrywise data are collected from different online sources like WHO, Google etc. using the Rapid API. This CMS can easily be modified by most of the developers due to clean and easy coding system. It is strong against web vulnerabilities; and your website will be safe. Also in all pages, admin level security and invalid page url submission checking were done. Features The

Corona Updatepro | COVID-19 Statistics Live Tracking / Update for WordPress

(COVID-19) Corona Updatepro WordPress Plugin to show corona current cases and more information about COVID-19. You will be able to show the relevant information: cases, today’s cases, deaths, today’s deaths, recovered, and critical on your WordPress website. It’s support Elementor, Visual Composer, WPBakery page builder, King Composer, Gutenberg, etc. Anyone can easily update/edit this plugin by following our Well Sorted Documentation. Main Features of Corona Update: COVID-19 Corona Self Online Test COVID-19 Corona Live Statistic NewsTicker COVID-19 Corona World Map Live Statistic COVID-19 Corona Worldwide Live Statistic Update COVID-19 Worldwide Live Statistic WordPress Widgets COVID-19 Worldwide Live St

Ultimate Covid-19 - Live Corona Virus Statistics for WordPress

What is it Ultimate Covid-19 – is a WordPress plugin. This plugin is useful to show live Covid-19 statistics in your WordPress website. How it works: Shortcodes: This plugin comes with a Covid-19 Statistics view shortcode generator, which you can add anywhere in your wordpress posts, pages & widgets. Elementor & Visual Composer addon: This plugin adds 3 different elements each to Elementor & Visual Composer page builders. Each element consists of number of confirmed cases, recovered cases and deaths caused by Corona virus world wide or for a particular country.You can place these elements anywhere in your WordPress website using Elementor or Visual Composer. Data source: Features

Covid-19 - Laravel Coronavirus Live Report Premium Script.

COVID-19 – coronavirus live report script – Coronavirus Awareness COVID-19 Coronavirus Medical Prevention Services Laravel Script developed specifically for all types of Corona virus-infected countries report.The report automatically generates data from trusted API sources from NovelCOVID API.You don’t need to do anything for Report Admin URL / Access: Frontend Link: Frontend Admin Panel Link: Adminend Email: [email protected] Password: rootadmin Features Corona infection report Country based report Worldwide report Country Map Country Search World health organization API included Auto update report No Api Required 4 Color Theme Included Contact Form B

Covmap - Covid-19 Coronavirus Live Traker Vector Map

Features Live Tracker Responsive Mobile Friendly World Continent Asia Europe Africa Australia North America South America Icons Font Awesome Credits Bootstrap 4 Jquery Ajax JQV Map Images images are occur in the preview but are NOT in the download. Changelog 1. v1.0.0 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Initial Release.

Corona Charts - Live COVID-19 Stats WordPress Shortcode Plugin

You can use the Corona Charts in your posts, pages, widgets, sidebar, footer and everywhere on your WordPress website. +195 different country & USA states or whole world live Coronavirus pie & doughnut percentage charts. +195 different country live Coronavirus vertical column charts. +195 different country or whole world day by day historical Coronavirus line charts. Live Documentation: Quick Support: [email protected] General Features: All Charts is Responsive, Mobile & Tablet Compatible All Text is Localizable for Your Language (included dynamic values) All Charts has Own Grid Option (so, you can list the charts in custom columns) All Charts has Own Width & He

Covid-19 Pro - WordPress Plugin for Realtime CoronaVirus data Visualization

The Covid-19 Pro is a WordPress data visualization plugin designed for the CoronaVirus(COVID-19) tracking. The world is facing an outbreak of the virus, and all people want up-to-date data on this epidemic in order to protect themselves and be on the alert. The plugin provides the display of total/new confirmed cases of infection, data on recovery and death for all countries. There are different types of data available for display: New Confirmed, Total Confirmed, New Deaths, Total Deaths, New Recovered, Total Recovered. All information can be presented in the form of a table or cards. Each table column can be sorted in ascending and descending order. Besides, the search field for all data is available. Covid-19 Pro provides Online doc

Coronavirus "Covid-19" worldmap realtime tracking + ADMOB ready

“Covid-19” Coronavirus worldmap realtime tracking + Admob ready + World map tracking with globe. Please read this: You need to understand that we are selling this item for $3 and codecanyon is charging $4 as platform charges so please think before you buy as its a webapp of a url just to help people to launch a quick app. Some of the revenue from this app will be donated to Govt fund here in India with adding same amount from our side. Please support us to fight Covid-19. Sources- Our android app provides the accurate pandemic information of (Covid-19) via a interactive map, all information is transmitted through 3rd party source which collects data from from the website of the World Health Organization. so no fake data here. SOUR

COVID-19 Live Statistics Website with language translation (Corona Statistics with Map and Graph)

COVID-19 Live Statistics Website – Version 1.2 New Update available with Language translation feateure in footer area. You can view website in any language. Enjoy multilanguage feature in website ! COVID-19 is a disease caused by a new strain of coronavirus. ‘CO’ stands for corona, ‘VI’ for virus, and ‘D’ for disease. Formerly, this disease was referred to as ‘2019 novel coronavirus’ or ‘2019-nCoV.’ The COVID-19 virus is a new virus linked to the same family of viruses as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and some types of common cold.   version : 1.2 * New Feature : Language translator added in footer area. version : 1.1 * Fixed : Code modified due to Changes in Third Party APIs.   Sources : All Statistics and data are loade

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