Dropbox Material Concept

Dropbox Material Concept

Goal: Envision the appearance and behavior of a refreshed Dropbox app using Google's Material Design

Tools: Eclipse (created a skeleton demo app for screenshotting purposes) and Photoshop

Notes correspond to image above

  • Moved the old menu items into a navigation drawer and moved the app title into the action bar
  • Added a floating action "create" button (see next image for button options)
  • Refreshed the list view with Material icons and a cleaner look
  • Enabled long-press selection on list items for sharing, deleting, or moving items
  • Colored the status bar

  • The old menu is a bit long and not as user-friendly or intuitive as it could be. Moved some items into the navigation drawer, others into the floating action button, and some remained as menu items but now always showing with an icon (see the search, refresh, and sort icons in the previous image)
  • Built a colorful and Dropbox-themed navigation drawer
  • The create button turns into an "x" when opened for intuitive closing

  • Refreshed and added more brand color to the somewhat bland pin entry screen
  • Enlarged the logo and keypad for easier typing

  • Items being uploaded now have an animated highlight and percentage to show upload progress

  • Changed layout to grid-style
  • Added ability to use Google's Palette API to extract colors from image thumbnails and style their nameplates appropriately

  • Some refreshing of the list view icons and style

I acknowledge some inconsistencies in these mockups (having lists vs grids or having an extended action bar only on the Activity Log screen) but this is just an experimental redesign toying around with different possibilities afforded by Google's new Material Design. Hope you enjoyed it!

• Released: Oct 12, 2019, 01:26 AM

Dropbox Material Concept

Author: tbarsbay
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An unofficial redesign of Dropbox's Android app using Google's new Material Design standards. size
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