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Bare-Workflow with Native Firebase Tutorial / Boiler Plate

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Deprecated: Using Firebase In Expo

📖 Tutorial

This tutorial is targeted at Expo v36 and react-native-firebase v6.

Project Setup

  • Create a new Bare-workflow project
    • Native Firebase isn't supported in the custom Expo workflow yet.
  • Ensure your ios/Podfile has the following lines:
    # At the top of the file
    require_relative '../node_modules/@react-native-community/cli-platform-ios/native_modules'
    require_relative '../node_modules/react-native-unimodules/cocoapods'
    # ...
    # Automatically detect installed unimodules
    # The community version of use_unimodules (used for react-native-firebase)
  • Setup React Native firebase for iOS: guide
  • Setup React Native firebase for Android: guide

💻 Usage

Now you should be able to use all of React Native Firebase with Expo Unimodules. You can run this project in the client with expo start but the native code for Firebase won't be available, so it won't work as expected.

🍎 Guides

Note: These aren't great guides 😅

with Facebook

  • Install the packages:
    • Install the Firebase auth package with yarn add @react-native-firebase/auth
    • Install the native package with expo install expo-facebook or yarn add expo-facebook
    • Then run cd ios && pod install
    • Start the project again with npx react-native run-ios
  • Setup the project in your Facebook developer console: Guide
  • Go to the Firebase console and open the "Auth" tab, then toggle the Facebook authentication and fill in the values with your FB auth credentials.
  • Now you can use the following to authenticate with Facebook:
// Import a firebase auth package
import auth from '@react-native-firebase/auth';
// Import the universal Facebook package
import * as Facebook from 'expo-facebook';
import { Alert } from 'react-native';

async function signInAsync() {
  try {
    // Setup the app
    await Facebook.initializeAsync('YOUR_ID')

    // Open the Facebook redirect...
    const {
    } = await Facebook.logInWithReadPermissionsAsync({
      permissions: ['public_profile'],

    if (type === 'success') {
      // create a new firebase credential with the token
      const credential = auth.FacebookAuthProvider.credential(token);
      // login with credential
      await auth().signInWithCredential(credential);
      // Get the user's name using Facebook's Graph API
      // const response = await fetch(`https://graph.facebook.com/me?access_token=${token}`);
    } else {
      // type === 'cancel'
      // The user cancelled, usually you'll do nothing but sometimes you might want to post this to your analytics
  } catch ({ message }) {

Uploading Images

  • Install the packages:
    • Install the Firebase auth package with yarn add @react-native-firebase/storage
    • Install the native permissions package with expo install expo-permissions or yarn add expo-permissions
    • Install the native media package with expo install expo-image-picker or yarn add expo-image-picker
    • Optionally: I like to reduce the size of my images to save money on server charges. You can do that by installing expo install expo-image-manipulator
    • Then run cd ios && pod install
    • Start the project again with npx react-native run-ios
  • All of the relevant code for uploading, downloading, checking permissions, etc.. can be found in the Profile Image Component (Please open an issue if you require more information about this process!)

📝 Notes

  • react-native-firebase v6 doesn't support Notifications.

🎬 Video Tutorials

🚨 Deprecated: These videos are for ExpoKit and not the Bare-Workflow, you can still watch them if you wanna see me being awkward though 😅

I put together some videos that you may find helpful 💙 Give them a like if they helped you at all 😇

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Expo Native Firebase

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