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  • Complete setup Redux.
  • Using Redux Thunk, and Redux Persist Store for middleware.
  • Basic setup Axios client class wrapper for HTTP Requests.
  • Complete setup React Navigation with bottom app bar.
  • Using Reactotron for inspecting app.


  • Show Card Swiper like Tinder App
  • Custom animated Card view
  • Fetching the list of random person from API.
  • If swipe right, save that person to list favorite.
  • Persist list favorite

Get Started

Step 1: Install node modules

  • yarn install

Step 2: Install ios pod libraries

  • cd ios && pod install

Step 3: Run iOS or Android

  • cd .. && react-native run-ios or cd .. && react-native run-android

Additional step:

  • react-native link to link assets
• Released: May 27, 2020, 10:40 PM

ReactNative TinderClone

Author: trungnguyen22
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