Travel Language Kit

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This is my project for Hackathon. The APP is designed for travellers in foreign countries to communicate with the locals, especially when ordering or buying food.

Table of Contents

Main Functions


  • You can point to a food image, and get the translation in both text and speech formats.
  • You can choose from several frequently used sentences. (Ordering, asking for price, paying by card / in cash, etc.)
  • You can customize the sentences. For example, let the chef / shop owner know about your food allergy before ordering.



  • You can get the current location (detected by Geolocation API).
  • You can choose a location from the map.
  • The targeted language for translation will be changed instantly based on the location you've chosen.



  • You can also describe to the locals what you'd like to buy by drawing a picture.


Technologies Used

  • Google Cloud Translation API
  • Web Speech API
  • Geolocation API
  • Pigeon Maps
  • React Canvas Draw

This project was scaffolded using the create-react-app cli. See the standard create-react-app docs.

• Released: Dec 31, 2019, 02:45 AM

Travel Language Kit

Author: weichichou
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React app for food ordering when travelling in foreign countries. Do not stay hungry :) size
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