Vue Trello Clone

Vue Trello Clone

A simple Trello clone in Vue, Vuex and Bulma



Trello features

  • Single board
  • Re-orderable lists and tasks

Task functionality

  • Title, description, date
  • Quick entry and full entry modal
  • Icons and colors to indicate due and overdue items
  • Editable tasks

UI features

  • Fast keyboard interaction
  • Smooth animation

State management

  • Vuex state management
  • Persistence


# install dependencies
npm install

# serve with hot reload at localhost:8080
npm run dev

# build for production with minification
npm run build

# build for production and view the bundle analyzer report
npm run build --report

# run unit tests
npm run unit
npm run unit:watch

# run all tests
npm test

For a detailed explanation on how things work, check out the guide and docs for vue-loader.

• Released: Mar 19, 2019, 01:01 AM

Vue Trello Clone

Author: deneb0618
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